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Karel Pecl-EKOVERMES - ecological fertilizers


EKOVERMES company was founded in 1990 and its main activity has become a breeding of Californian earthworms for disposal of organic waste and as well a producing of a high quality organic fertilizer VERMIKOMPOST.

In the years 1998 - 1999 happened to work out the development of entirely new formulas for the form of liquid organic fertilizer Vermikompost, where was created a new product VERMESFLUID.

We are constantly expanding our range of an organic fertilizer according to its specificity, based on the demand of our customers, because we try to accommodate all of our customers.

Appart for the products for gardeners, developers of a gardens, winemakers, and farmers of a bio products, our company is also engaged in the production of enzymes for animal husbandry and production of enzymes for cleaning septic tanks, cesspools, waste and wastewater.

The company gained the certification of all its products of an „BIO PRODUCT OF AN ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE“

Our products have found their way as well to customers from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, Nigeria. Excellent results were recorded in the cultivation of golf courses (and lawns in general), indoor and balcony plants, but also among winemakers, bio growers of a fruit and vegetable and farmers.

We believe that these great helpers in the cultivation also find their way to you.