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All of our products gained the certification of an „BIO PRODUCT OF AN ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE“

Organic loose fertilizers


Loose mixture extracted by activities of Californian red worms (Eisenia fetida genus).

Efficiency of Vermikompost:

  • 60 x to 70 x times higher efficiency compared to conventional dung
  • odorless
  • it contains no chemicals and it is suitable for bio growers
  • it has a high absorption capacity, it evenly supllies the plant with water and nutrients
  • it increases the shaft of flowers, it prolongs the flowering, it increases the shaft of fruits
  • it accelerates the ripening of fruits, it shorts the growing season
  • it increases the vitality of plants and their resistance to acid rain, sucking insects and fungal diseases (eg. grapevine downy mildew and suppresses the strawberry black rot)


Vermikompost Fine
Vermikompost Golf

Packaging of Vermikompost Fine: 1,5 l, 5 l, 10 l, 50 l, 1000 l (big-bag)

Packaging of Vermikompost Golf: 50 l, 1000 l (big-bag)



It is a ratio of 60% of Vermikompost and 40% of a straw fermented poultry litter and manure.

  • excellent combination of nutrients to create a better root system for nutrient uptake and itself plant growth
  • it contains trace elements and nutrients that are released gradually throughout the growing season
  • it also contains amino acids, Lignohumate (to increase photosynthesis - better plant uptake of nutrients from the soil) and fulvic acids (promoting seed germination and plant growth and vitality of plants)
  • it is suitable for fertilization outside beds into hotbeds for fertilizing fruit trees and shrubs, vines, for custom mixing of substrates

Packaging: 5 l, 10 l, 50 l, 1000 l


Organic liquid fertilizers (stimulators)


It is a liquid form from the finest Vermikompost and it is adjusted according to usage (as specified by the plants).

Efficiency of Vermesfluid:

  • it is used for fertilizing flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees and ornamental horticulture, but also for hydroponics
  • it acts simultaneously as a stimulator of growth (according to the specification contains auxins, gibereliny, fulvic acids, humic acids) and also acts as a preventative protection against fungal diseases and sucking insect
  • it improves the photosynthesis of plants, increasing the number of buds in turn handles fruits, prolongs flowering, increase yields and shorten the growing season
  • use: in the form of dressings, in the form of spray (does not leave a white coating on the leaves)
  • tested Central Control and Testing Agricultural Institute in Brno. Vermesfluid was tested on tomatoes

Results (in tomatoes) showed:

  • order-creating effect by 54.3% higher than the control plants
  • highest average number of Cincinnus on plants
  • highest elevation of a gains momentum
  • observed value of nitrate appeared considerably below the threshold


Vermesfluid Houseplants

Vermesfluid Nutmeg

Vermesfluid Fruiting vegetables

Vermesfluid Universal

Vermesfluid Flowering Houseplants

Vermesfluid Strawberry

Vermesfluid Outdoor flowers + roses

Packaging: 980 ml, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 a 1000 l


Enzymes for animal production


Feed supplement for fattening pigs, poultry and rabbits.

  • mixed enzyme preparation made ​​from natural biological materials to improve the quality of feed and to increase daily weight gains for livestock
  • it is produced from biomass of a Californian earthworms containing 12 kinds of important enzymes (pentonase, protease, cellulase, gluconase, amylase, pepsin, lipase, trypsin, esterase, chymotrypsin, Ficino, hemicellulose) involved in the digestion processes of animals
  • Enzymes cause digestion of wet feed mixture that becomes tastier and gaining volume.

Packaging: 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 10 l, 15 l, 20 l, 25 l, 50 l



It is a mixture of enzymes improving the quality of litter and stable microclimate.

  • enzymes are capable of very actively biologically decomposed straw or sawdust, to the point where the natural microorganisms present in the litter, the fission products used for their energy Leeds
  • during the biochemical reaction arise the heat, which warms and dries the litter
  • it is necessary to ensure a functional ventilation of moist air out of the hall

Packaging: 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 10 l, 15 l, 20 l, 25 l, 50 l


Enzymes for cleaning wastes, septic tanks, cesspools,.....environmental


A mixture of hydrolytic enzymes of non-bacterial origin, which break down complex of a natural organic compounds, especially proteins, starches and fats to the simpler compounds. That accelerates a faster decomposition process of these substances.

  • it is designed to intensify the cleaning process in biological wastewater treatment plants, for treatment of septic tanks, sewage tanks, drains and grease traps
  • it contains an effective amount of the enzymes of cellulolitic complex, which helps to accelerate the decomposition of cellulose
  • it is environmentally friendly

Packaging: 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 10 l, 15 l, 20 l, 25 l, 50 l